The First Multi-Store eGift Card for Her

The Tidallaly Card is the very first multi-store eGift Card created and dedicated to celebrating Women. It is redeemable at select partner Brands in KSA (Online & In-store brands). The brands are chosen with purpose and meaning to represent love, respect and adoration, and to offer ultimate pampering and self-care to the women in our lives. The perfect gift of choice for our sisters and mothers, our brides-to-be and new mothers, our friends and colleagues.

As a single choice card, the Tidallaly Card can be spent at select brands across Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion & Accessories, Jewellery, Spa & Fitness, Hotels & Travel, Online Shopping, Ice Cream, Restaurants & Cafes and Cinemas. Your Gift. Their Choice.

YouGotaGift is the only platform that takes into consideration the needs and preferences of its customers and users and caters to them. YouGotaGift ensures easy choice, safe payment and gift card customization… all for your comfort and convenience! 


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