Fantastic Rewards and Where to Find Them

No one can deny that recognizing employees is a sure-fire way to a better retention rate, higher customersatisfaction, and even an increase in sales. Recognition is one thing, but what about the rewards that can come with it?

Let recognition extend beyond the workplace and into your employees’ lives outside of the office with unforgettable rewards. Long gone are the days of the branded coffee mug and notepad that feel more like a reminder of more work to do rather than a reward! Instead, offer an extensive rewards catalog that gets employees excited. Let employees pick the rewards that mean the most to them.

Here, we’ve made a list of 12 fantastic rewards and where to find them.

1-      The World Nomad

Nothing beats the thrill of a discounted (or free!) trip for a traveler. Reward the travel lovers on your team with an eGift Card they can redeem against flight tickets or travel packages.

2-      The Family Guy

We all know that co-worker who shows us photos every Sunday of where he took the kids on the weekend and it’s always a cool new experience. Imagine their excitement when they find out their next trip to theme parks or ice rinks is on the company!

3-      The Adrenaline Junkie

You know that young-at-heart co-worker who keeps scaring everyone with tales of jumping off planes and swimming with sharks? Next time they go racing or riding the world’s fastest roller coaster, or even flying, make sure they know they’ve earned it.

4-      The Style Icon

The office #ootd struggle is real! Give your employees the chance to dress to impress without breaking the bank with an eGift Card that’s redeemable at their favorite clothing brands.

5-      The Luxury Lover

Whether it’s the finest home decor or the most iconic designer bag or jewelry piece, there’s always that co-worker who enjoys life’s best luxuries. Chip into their next investment piece and your company might've just become part of their most prized family heirloom.   

6-      The Fitness Champ

You can’t miss those, the ones with the protein shakes on their desks and the Instagram feed full of gym selfies and #TrainInsane hashtags. Engage in their passion by giving them an eGift Card for the coolest gym gear and they’ll be reminded of their recognition every day (you knew they hit the gym every day, right?).

7-      The Pampered Diva

“I’m going out at lunch to get a haircut”. Sounds familiar? Give those always polished employees a chance to get pampered on the house, and they’ll come back more motivated and refreshed than ever.

8-      The Bookworm

And then there’s the one who reads at lunch (and probably on their commute too). And no matter how many unread books are already on their shelves, they’ll still consider a new book the best gift ever.

9-      The Tech Geek

Ever wondered who all those people queuing in front of tech stores for the latest phone or game console? It’s them! Get their hands on the latest tech gadgets now – granted, it will mean the world to them.

10-  The Pop Culture Enthusiast

They’re always in the know. They’ve seen all the movies, listened to all the tracks, and went to all the concerts. Just give them more access to pop culture and they’ll be buzzing with excitement!

11-  The Super Mom

She’s probably your most efficient, most organized, and most productive employee. She knows how to manage her time and prioritize efficiently, and she’s always on the lookout for merchandise to help her do just that. Give her a hand and watch her superpowers grow even stronger.

12-  The Foodie

They know the best restaurants, they can give you the best dish recommendations, and they always get the best orders at lunch. Treat them to the latest gastronomical indulgence and who knows, they might even share (the reviews at least!)
Every time your employees look at their new TV or the photos from that unforgettable trip, they’ll be reminded of the hard work that didn’t go unnoticed – and they’ll be more motivated to keep it up and do even better.
Not sure how you’ll choose the right reward for each employee? Even better! Give everyone one card that can get them all of the Fantastic Rewards!


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