The YouGotaGift Gaming Card is the Perfect Gift for Gamers

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Gaming is HUGE and it's only getting more and more popular. We took a small poll around the (virtual) office and it turns out everybody either knows a gamer or is a gamer. 

Feeling confident about that revelation, and being gamers ourselves, we decided to dive into it with a more measured and calculated approach; here are our findings:

In 2020 2.7 Billion people played video games. The average age of a gamer is 34. While gaming has been stereotypically deemed a ‘boys’ activity, in actuality 46% of gamers are girls, and 63% of all mobile gamers are women. In addition, 60% of gamers prefer playing with other people, making it quite the social activity. 74% of parents also believe gaming has an educational impact on their children. In fact, almost half of all the parents in the USA play video games with their kids at least once a week. Of all the games being played, 50% take place on mobile. There are over 1,000,000 video games spread across all the different consoles, mobile app stores, PC & Mac stores and the dozen or so gaming clients.

GAMING IS HUGE. There are more games out there than all the shows and all the movies on all the streaming platforms combined. There are more ways to play video games than there are ways to stream too. Everybody with a phone is a potential gamer and you know what? People spend on their gaming habits just like they spend on their other habits.

When we think of gifting gamers, the first things that come to mind are getting them a new gaming console, a gaming accessory,upgrading their computer or mobile device to play next generation games., or buying them new games. That’s not our only option.

A lot of what gamers actually spend on is micro transactions for their games of choice. Whether it’s V-Bucks for Fortnite, monthly World of Warcraft subscriptions, Razer Gold, Extra moves on Candy Crush, UC for PubG OR buying new games or expansions for current games or other DLCs and Loot boxes.

That’s where eGift Cards come in. Gaming eGift Cards should be your first choice when gifting gamers. They are practical, they’re useful and they can fit almost any budget. Gamers appreciate them, a lot. That being said, Gaming eGift Cards are still limited as a gift choice because they only represent one game, or one console, or one gaming client, or one app store.

What if there was one eGift Card that you could gift gamers that could combine all the other gaming related eGift Cards. Every single one. A ‘Gaming in One’.

We don’t have to say “what if” anymore because we put it together and we call it the YouGotaGift ‘Gaming Card’. Every gaming card, every console, every app store, all in one. Guaranteed success as a gift for every gamer. The perfect gift for gamers. Check it out right here and make someone's day by sending them a YouGotaGift Gaming Card. 






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