Easier, Safer, More Fun Than Cash

As Ramadan draws to a close, the celebrations for Eid al-Fitr draw near and people all around the world prepare to get together, physically and virtually, to treasure the celebration.

Last year, we encouraged everyone to pay their Eidiya with eGift Cards from YouGotaGift allowing the ‘Eidiya’ to spread across households and workspaces securely and digitally. Through our catalog of 500+ brands and our availability in all the GCC markets we made Eid gifting possible for everyone.

It worked, and it worked because eGift Cards are easier, safer and more fun than cash.

This year we’re building on that idea and spreading happiness and celebration with a brand new YouGotaGift super card designed solely to celebrate Eid. 

The YouGotaGift Eidiya Card is a One Card All Brand eGift redeemable at over 500+ brands (both online and in-store). It’s also the perfect gift should you want to reward your employees and customers in a thoughtful and meaningful way.

With YouGotaGift you can personalize your eGift with messages, pictures, videos and themed Greeting Cards. For Eid we designed Eid-themed greeting cards perfectly fit for the occasion.

Personalized Eid-Themed Designs

This Eid, family, friends, colleagues, and companies can make use of the Eidiya Card to share their compassion and appreciation to their loved ones, their employees and their customers. The perfect gift that can be spent at top brands across online shopping, electronics, malls & hypermarkets, fashion, kids, gaming and digital entertainment.

If you’re interested in the YouGotaGift Eidiya Card for Employees or Customers connect with us here: Rewards.YouGotaGift.com

If you’d like to send the Eidiya Card to family, friends or colleagues check it out here: www.YouGotaGift.com


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