eGift With Confidence - We Are ‘PCI-DSS’ Compliant!

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eGift With Confidence - We Are ‘PCI-DSS’ Compliant!

In 2020, users around the world spent over 4 trillion dollars (yes trillion) in online shopping transactions. That’s a lot of money, and a whole lot of trust when it comes to web-based transactions. But where does this trust come from? Luckily for consumers, there are certain assurances that allow users to confidently spend their money online without having to worry about theft or fraud. One such assurance is the The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (or PCI DSS for short), and YouGotaGift just got certified

We’re happy to announce that we are the region’s first digital gift card business that is PCI-DSS compliant!

So what is it exactly? The PCI DSS is simply a set of requirements that ensure that the company who handles, processes, or transmits credit card information maintains a world-standard secure environment for its users. In short, it’s a stamp of trust and shows a level of seriousness and commitment to our users, making them feel safe and secure when gifting/buying eGift Cards via the website or app.

Moving forward, while browsing YouGotaGift, you can be sure that you are secure and you can put your full trust and confidence in us. 

The next time you shop online don’t forget to look out for the PCI-DSS badge if you want to shop or transact securely. 

Happy gifting.

The YouGotaGift Team.


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