How Dunkin' Doubled its Customer Acquisition with eGift Cards

As of 2021, digital eGift Cards have become the most popular and effective way of rewarding customers and employees. They have been proven to increase overall revenue and drive in-store traffic regardless of circumstances. Dunkin’ has shown that a simple strategy hinged on eGift Cards can persevere through the toughest of times, and will remain an important part of every marketing strategy from here on out. 

Dunkin’ doubled its customer acquisition with eGift Cards and here’s how:

They launched  “”, a website dedicated to thanking and showing appreciation for all the frontline employees and workers who risked their lives helping through the pandemic.

This simple, yet effective strategy increased Dunkin’s eGift Card activations by 300%, which not only increased digital sales, but also drove traffic to Dunkin’ stores despite the change in dine-in habits. 

Why did this work?

  • eGift Cards are safer to buy and easier to use, they’re also a lot easier to get your hands on because they save you the trip. 

  • eGift Cards are effective for the business and effective for the customer. They drive sales and engage customers both digitally and securely.  

  • eGift Cards are contactless - People are looking for contactless payment methods, contactless is the present and future.

There you have it. That is how Dunkin’ was able win big with eGift Cards to attract and engage coffee lovers, increase sales and spread positivity during bleak times. 

Want to know more about how eGift Cards can create a breakthrough for your business? 

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