Rewarding 91 Years of Heritage & Culture


Rewarding 91 Years of Heritage & Culture

As the 91st National Day of KSA draws near, people, businesses and brands nationwide are preparing to celebrate the day, their heritage and their culture. The theme for this year is “هي لنا دار” a beautiful interpretation that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is ‘home’ to its citizens and residents alike. 

In the Kingdom we learn, work, achieve and contribute to the prosperity of the nation. As we come together on this 91st National Day to celebrate all that has been and all that will be accomplished, let us be thankful for our home, for هي لنا دار”.

In celebration of the day we have dressed up our Happy Card in 3 National Day-themed designs. 

These National Day eGift Cards are redeemable at all of our partner brands in the Kingdom both online and in-store. Your Gift. Their Choice. They are also digitally delivered and can be personalized with National Day Digital Greeting Cards as well. 

Should you want to reward your employees and customers in a thoughtful and meaningful way, the National Day eGift Cards would make the perfect gift. 

If you’re interested in the YouGotaGift National Day eGift Cards for Employees or Customers you can connect with us here:

If you’d like to send National Day Cards to family, friends and colleagues, you can do so on our website or on our app (available on iOS & Android).

Celebrate Heritage. Celebrate Culture. Celebrate Home.


Celebrate Family & Friends. Reward Employees & Customers.

Gift Cards? YouGotaGift.


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