Blue Salon: Qatar’s First Online Luxury Store

From a town of pearl-divers and trading settlers came a concept birthed by the Abulssa family. This concept revolved around the dream of economic development following the 1971 independence of Qatar, and gave vision to one man’s dedication and entrepreneurial skills. Blue Salon was created, in hopes of being the first regional innovator in the world of luxury department stores, and still holds true today.

We’re proud to announce our partnership with Blue Salon, and rightfully so, we’ve created the Blue Salon eGift Card to accompany the brand. This eGift Card offers everything Blue Salon has to offer, ranging from world-class brands in the world of fashion, cosmetics, perfumes, home decor, leather goods, and much more.

“Blue Salon is an amazing partner to have. They offer their customers an enhanced in-store and online shopping experience which in turn allows us to deliver an exceptional gifting option for our Qatari customers. A partnership such as this is rare and welcome.” - Sarah - Qatar Country Manager.

The Blue Salon eGift Card is now live on YouGotaGift for all of our users in the KSA. 


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