Kunooz Pharmacy: Now on YouGotagift!

Across the KSA’s major cities, Kunooz ensures coverage for their clientele providing quality products and brands for everyone, and we’re proud to have them as a part of the YouGotaGift family!

Kunooz Pharmacy is one of the leading pharmacies in the KSA. Since 1999 it’s been focused on importing and exporting medical equipment, cosmetics, health care and self-care.

Besides their extensive selection of top-notch products, Kunooz Pharmacy stresses the importance of providing an impeccable shopping experience where customers can find their favorite products with ease, ranging from COVID-19 essentials, skin and hair care, nutritional supplements, vitamins, and everything in between.

‘Our partnership with Kunooz Pharmacy has allowed us to further expand our catalogue of eGift Cards. Kunooz is a household name in the Kingdom. One that we are very proud of. The Kunooz eGift Card opens up a world of opportunity for our customers and users, one that we can already see materialize as the orders have started to come in within the first hour.’ Fawziah Al Hoshan - General Manager YouGotaGift KSA.

The Kunooz eGift Card is now available on YouGotaGift for all our users in the KSA.


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